Spotless M&SS


The Spotless group has a Managed and Support Services Division, (M&SS). The division has a ‘whole of village concept’ providing cleaning, laundry, catering, maintenance, and grounds care. These services are provided to large installations such as hospitals, defence establishments, mining camps and so on. The division had many good contracts with large and diverse clients. However, the division was not delivering expected profit levels.

Business Challenge

The people in the division were good at winning new clients and reasonably good at retaining most of those clients. However, they were not maximising the potential of the contracts.

How We Helped

We conducted an analysis of the contracts and interviewed contract managers and some of their staff. Also we surveyed a number of clients. We designed and implemented an account management process right across the division.

The implementation was conducted by a series of workshops where account planning was taught and actual account plans drawn up.

Performance Delivered

Throughout the implementation we identified nearly $300 million of potential extra business with existing clients. This business was secured at almost no cost of sale and provided reasonable margins. The account management process also helped to improve retention rates on desirable contracts.