Strategic Plan – Dairy


The subject company has developed over a 20 year period from a small offshoot of a farming business into a dynamic dairy products producer. The business is based on their own private land; a developing herd of milking sheep and goats, and a steady growth in dairy capability.  A factory set up 20 years ago has been added to periodically to manage the increased production. Growth in turnover is currently running at about 20% per annum.

Business Challenge

To provide a detailed plan to manage growth for the following 3 year period, whilst, at the same time, setting out longer term strategies necessary to ably manage continuing product demand and capital requirements.

How We Helped

Together with the business owners we carried out a detailed evaluation of the past history and current status of the business. With continuing discussions and assessment of all available information, we were able to identify areas of risk to future development.

Performance Delivered

From our activities above we developed a Strategic Plan offering remedies to eradicate and/or manage these risk areas. We continue to be involved with the client to assist with implementation of strategies set out in the plan.