Key Message

Providing government agencies and statutory bodies with quality advice and assistance tailored to client needs


Our team has wide experience in the State Government and statutory authorities. We have completed more than 350 projects for more than 60 clients, in both metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. The team has also completed assignments in other states of Australia and in New Zealand.

The projects we have undertaken have included:

  • Probity advice on over 90 assignments in procurement, grant administration and major government change processes
  • Design of an assessment process and evaluation of applicants for inclusion on the Significant Investor Services Directory
  • Project management of the establishment of a panel of Water Brokers
  • Development of risk management plans and facilitation of risk workshops for major projects in legislative change, industry restructure and government administration
  • Project management of major procurement projects in Information Technology, professional services, medical services, rehabilitation and investigative services
  • Development of strategic plans, business plans, feasibility studies and business cases in government administration, health services, education, technology and government land
  • Facilitation of over 200 workshops for community engagement and consultation, industry engagement and consultation and other relevant stakeholder engagement
  • Commercial advice on grant acquittal, technology contracts, program costs, competitor analysis, health contracts
  • Performance audits of health programs
  • Assistance with implementation of major change projects

Through such projects we have:

  • Completed an extensive range of stakeholder engagement processes
  • Worked with Boards, senior staff and operational teams from a range of government departments and statutory bodies
  • Developed a strong understanding of the government operating environment and relevant enabling legislation and guidelines