Community Chef


Twenty Victorian Local Government Councils sought to investigate the feasibility of constructing and operating a food manufacturing facility to produce “Meals on Wheels” for their elderly citizens because of difficulties each Council was having in sourcing these meals to prescribed nutritional values and at reasonable cost.

Business Challenge

To have a large number of Local Government Councils work cooperatively towards a common outcome. To establish that a Greenfield site could cost-effectively produce annually in excess of one million meals of different varieties, to determined nutritional values and at an acceptable cost to all participating Councils.

How We Helped

Dench McClean Carlson project-managed the entire process including detailed consultation; market analysis; manufacturing facility design, process and equipment, layout and costing; financial analysis; and the development of the range of meals to meet the determined nutritional values and meal cost parameters.

Performance Delivered

A Feasibility Study, Business Plan, Risk Analysis end Readiness to Operate were developed, including detailed financial analysis, which established the viability of the proposed development.
Community Chef subsequently received significant State and Federal Government support towards the construction of the manufacturing facility, which is now fully operational.